Consulting Services

Are your marketing programs individual ad-hoc initiatives? Does your organization have projects on the sidelines you’re waiting to implement when you can employ additional leaders? Are there numerous redundancies in your team’s responsibilities? Have your efforts at change in your organization repeatedly failed or turned into an endurance effort? If you answered yes to any of these questions, click here to learn more.

Prosperity in Recovery Blog

Our Prosperity in Recovery blog-site is designed to communicate with the recovery community on a number of topics. Click here to learn more.

Prosperity in Recovery Seminars

The Prosperity in Recovery Seminar is designed to enhance the future for people in recovery by focusing on "the things you can change". Attendees have a breakthrough experience in learning what's next in life for themselves. Discussions will include being in "Flow" and setting "Goals" to distinguish what they want for their life and prepare them for a prosperous recovery journey Click here to learn more.