Consulting Services


Marketing Effectiveness

Marketing is a Science! Are your marketing programs individual ad-hoc initiatives? Quantifying your marketing initiatives takes a focus and commitment that most organizations lack. Focusing your marketing resources where they’ll have the greatest impact is imperative. Our team will begin the process of developing Marketing Effectiveness in your organization today!  We also offer customer focused advertising services that are designed from concept to execution.

Project Management

Does your organization have projects on the sidelines you’re waiting to implement when you can employ additional leaders? Wouldn’t it be more impactful and cost effective in the long run to initiate the projects now through a consultant avoiding the additional employee costs? Our Project Management Team can run your project on time and on budget with little to no supervision. Project updates are provided daily or weekly depending on your unique needs. Call us to get it done now!

Operational Excellence

Are there numerous redundancies in your team’s responsibilities? Are you facing repeated issues in business processes that seem unresolvable? Assessing your process management techniques can resolve issues by reducing inefficiencies and streamlining your operations. Ineffectiveness in any area of your business is not only wasteful but negatively affects employees and clients. Process improvement is an ongoing company wide effort that reduces waste and inefficiency. Call us to methodically resolve these issues now!

Change Management

Have your efforts at change in your organization repeatedly failed or turned into an endurance effort? Has your team become aware of your change efforts but failed to adopt your new policies/procedures? Its time to establish Change Management solutions that fit your unique challenges. Implementing Change Management Techniques that consider your employees and clients’ needs can be powerfully impactful. Call us to shift your organization into high gear!


Contact our consulting team for a 30 minute project evaluation. 609-649-1119.